miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

--Wtf this realy Fck

F..K: Our most versatile word. By its stress and inflection it can
describe emotions; No other word can be used with so many grammatical
nuances. It can be used as a noun (Don't give a f..k), as an adjective
(It's a f..king beauty), as a verb in its transitive form, (He well and
truly f..ked up), in the past tense, (I was f..ked), in the present
tense, (I'll be f..ked).
Many everyday expressions show its true verstality;

Denial I didn't f..king do it.

Perplexity I know f..k all about it.

Apathy Who gives a f..k.

Greetings How the f..k are you.

Resignation Oh f..k it.

Derision He f..ks everything up.

Suspicion Who the f..k are you.

Panic Let's get the f..k out of here.

Directions F..k off.

Disbelief How the f..k did you do that.

and Now..Fck u!


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