viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008

--Dear Guy--

what about
being in love with the woman who is in love with you?

This creature is someone you want to sleep with and someone you want to talk to and you can take her out into the world and stand there with her and you can not take her out and just stand in your bedroom in your underwear. Maybe you get on the bed and jump up and down. Because though you are a fool, you are her fool. She is the one you love, but she is also the one who—and this is certainly one of the most terrifying conditions a man can find himself in—loves you.

One day your gaze wanders over the vast gorgeous ocean of beautiful women walking around and fixes on one woman. A flicker of the animal, something rustles inside of you. And then the predicament. To go forth or stay where you are, with who you have-she who loves you-and with whom, in spite of that, you still want to do the nasty. Often. You can go forth. But if you do, you can't ever come back. It's one or the other, either/or, this or that. And what is "that"? That is the endless ocean of possibility that will never end. And "this"? What is this?


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