lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2008

--Isnt by My Haughtiness--

Good Evening!
Hello readers, Iam very well.
Out the city yet, but im so ok.

Getting fresh air and new expectative
at the towm over time.

Anyway living with the grandma itsnt easy as it seems!
she hates watching me smoking, so do i with her.
To Next wednesday i'll be able to get home, but here
in D.R it a Hollyday! (P.a.t.t.).

Well, if some of all u
are asking uself about WTF im doing here..
sooo im getting my owm industry (details? soom).

I lost Paul's B-day (tio paul),
it was the same day of my cozin B-day.. reazon, that i coulnd went.
I hope to see him soom.

Isnt by My Haughtiness, yeahp right.. By ever.

This is all for 2nite, im gonna smoke and talk with some new friends outside.

Keep Rocking and getting the world..
such i didn't get yet >?

-Miss Marlyn-

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