martes, 15 de abril de 2008

--My mystery of woman--

The/My mystery of woman...

She is a creature of grace and light
with an amazing strength and might
Capable of great love and caring
All this she has no problem sharing

As with looking into a deep well
the beauty or darkness can dwell
A woman draws from the energy around
to distinguish which bell will sound
With respect and loyalty she will glow
a beauty and love that will grow
But with mistreatment, deceit and lies
the reaction will burn your eyes

She will grow from the pain and love
regardless, she will fly as free as the dove
She would love to share the sky
giving willingly, never asking why

If her light and love should shine on you
give her the love and respect due
this creature of life, love and light
for to only love you, she will fight

found this unfinished in my work to do folder, I have no idea how long ago I was working on it but I finished it today. I hope you enjoy!-


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