martes, 12 de agosto de 2008

--I Belive--


Gettin Away...

I believe that when God creates human beings,
chisels the lumps of flesh and bone into shape,
he takes 'aptitudes' from a bucket besides him and sprinkles them randomly over the bodies such that those aptitudes/qualities become a part and parcel of the human beings and as they grow up they find themselves naturally inclined towards the gifted attributes and they cannot run away from it no matter what.

I am given music and dance (ofcourse im bound to keep myself in social limits).
I am kind of obsessed with beauty,
be it in the form of poetry, writing, architecture, acting, painting, Men,
nature, singing or dancing, particularly affiliated to the latter two.

Politics and religion also take my interest.
Besides that I am friendly, possessive,
make good friends with people sharing my interests,
pathetic in everyday market dealings,
utterly boring to others sometimes, sometimes rude and haughty, critical
and somewhat rebellious of social traditions, dogmas, orthodoxy, trying to know myself and the world more, trying to find the way through.

- Miss Marlyn--

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